Competition Rules

Anyone who applies to the Inflow Global Awards is deemed to have accepted the following rules.
INFLOW Global Awards aims to  implement a global prize awarding ceremony with rewarding international influencer marketing activities. And also it is an organization that aims to ensure interaction through the night award, bringing international brands and agencies to Turkey.
INFLOW Global Awards evaluates methodology, jury, award ceremony and press reflection and aims to promote influencer, brand and agency collaborations globally.
The INFLOW Awards will be held on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 20.00. It is mandatory that all participants in the ceremony submit an invitation. Entry without invitation or LCV will not be accepted. Dress code is mandatory at the ceremony.
The competition can be applied with Influencer Marketing Campaigns held between October 1, 2018 and October 1, 2019.
The discounted application fee and pre-application time for agencies and brands are between 20 August 2019 Tuesday and 10.00 - 2 September 2019 Monday between 23.59.
For the agencies and brands, the normal application fee and the application time are between 3 September 2019 Tuesday 00.00 - 20 September 2019 Friday at 17.00.
Applications made outside the specified dates will not be considered.
In case of applications, case-study or presentation file describing the campaign is mandatory. Applications without case-study or presentation will not be considered.
INFLOW Awards reserves the right to change the application dates according to the request. If the application dates change, new dates will be published at
In the pre-application period, a campaign application fee is determined as 100 USD + VAT and in the normal application period a campaign application is determined as 150 USD + VAT. Application in more than 1 category with a campaign does not increase the application fee. 20% discount is applied for applications made with 3 or more campaigns.
The agencies and brands applying to the competition are required to fill in the INFLOW Awards application form in full after they have registered their membership via e-mail addresses. Documents sent for the purpose of application will not be returned. Applications with incomplete forms will be considered invalid.
All agencies and brands that have campaigned with at least one (1) influencer regardless of the sector are entitled to apply. By selecting the category you want to apply from the CATEGORIES tab, pressing the APPLICATION button, the steps can be followed and the application is realized.
Candidates who apply for INFLOW Awards are accepted to have their campaigns applied by the person specified in the form. The INFLOW Awards reserves the right to take legal action with misleading or inaccurate applications and to withdraw the prize even if the campaign wins. Applicants must have permission to participate in the INFLOW Awards by their agency or brand.
Influencer candidates do not have the right to make an individual application. An influencer can only apply to the INFLOW Awards through a brand or an agency.
The names of the winners will be determined by the jury.
Agencies and brands that submit their applications are determined by the jury members to evaluate and score the applications and the winner of each category is determined.
Award winners of all categories will be announced on the night of the award ceremony (Tuesday, October 22, 2019).
Best Youtube Influencer, Best Instagram Influencer, The Best Rising Influencer, The Most Creative Content Maker, The Best Brand Using Influencer Marketing, The Changemaker Influencer, The Best Entertainment Influencer: The shortlist to be determined will be awarded to the highest score as a result of the submission to the jury. 
The Best Influenecer Agency: It will be awarded to the agency with the highest average score in the jury evaluation.
The Best Influenecer Marketing Tool: It will be awarded to the marketing tool with the highest average score in the jury evaluation.
Inflow Grand-Prix Award: It will be given first time this year, which is considered the most prestigious award of the night, will be given to only one influencer who makes a difference and becomes pioneer in the digital world. The winner will be determined by the jury.