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Inflow Awards

INFLOW by the Summits INFLOW Awards which will be held this year for the second time in Turkey, born in Turkey and soon digital world INFLOW is to become a leading brand on a global scale, influencia is formed by creating value targets, an organization that rewards campaigns of brands and agencies. In this way, the platform aims to drive the sustainable growth of influencer marketing activities, while drawing attention to successful works in the sector and encouraging innovation. INFLOW Global Awards, in its second year, carries a significant change leaf awards to the global arena. And hundreds of social media with content producers as well as famous in the international arena in Turkey and aims to reward campaigns with brands they do with influenecer agencies.

The Award Ceremony aims to motivate brands and agencies to produce sustainable and creative projects. Bringing together the stakeholders of the sector through the award night.

The primary purpose of the INFLOW Awards is; to encourage influencer, brand and agency collaborations through evaluation methodology, jury, award ceremony and press reflection.

INFLOW Summits

We at INFLOW provide the overall behind the scenes of an organization and turn it into a Brand-2-Influencer Summit at an international scale. Whether it is travel, fashion, food, technology or any other industry where digital marketing is essential for growing, INFLOW paves the way in inventing unique marketing methods to perfectly partner the brand and digital influencer from anywhere around the globe.

  • 3 Years
  • 15 Global Events
  • 10 Destinations
INFLOW Summits Co-Founder

Born in Istanbul in 1983, Emre Gelen participated in exchange programs at TASIS in Lugano, Switzerland when he was studying at İstanbul Erkek High School. He graduated from Koç University in International Relations and then from University of UCLA, California. After coming back to Turkey, he has been charging as an investor and co-founder in various tourism initiatives.

INFLOW Summits Co-Founder

Graduated from Boğaziçi University Management Information Systems department, Afşın Avcı was awarded with Best Business Blog award in 2009, and rated as 3rd in 2010 with his blog ChatterboxTR, which brings university students and professionals together to share their experiences. His graduation project was about how political parties in Turkey utilize web.
Between 2009 and 2014, he worked as country director of Berlin based global in-game advertising company SponsorPay in Turkey. The company, which later took up the name Fyber, was sold to RNTS Media in October for 190M $. During this period, he also contributed in foundation of one of the first social media agencies in Turkey, DF Istanbul. He also worked at Yemeksepeti for a special project for four months.
From the beginning of 2014, Avcı took up the role as country director of the Paris based advertising network Kwanko, and led it through Turkish market and managed its market growth in the country.
Afşın Avcı continues his career as managing partners of social media and digital marketing agency AFI Digital, the intangible platform INFLOW Summits that brings together brands and influencers, and digital media planning company Bullseye Worldwide.